Goal-oriented team building

As a trained Counselling Psychologist with a background in Organizational Development, our founder prefers to tailor each corporate workshop specially for each organization's development goals and company values. We offer two, three, and five day workshops and we ensure that a high ratio of practitioners to participants is maintained in each one. This allows every participant to benefit fully from each activity and get maximum enjoyment out of this unique experience. We can also set your staff up with accommodations on our farm or help you book accommodations for your staff with our partners.

All of our corporate workshops include themes of team building, mindful decision making, and coping with high pressure environments. While we focus on learning and development, we also weave into our corporate workshops fun ways for participants to blow off steam and bond with coworkers!

To build a corporate work shop, or for further information we ask that you send us an email, or call Emily at 250-208-4874.  She will either send you a questionnaire or interview you over the phone to get to know your organization, company, or institution, its goals and values, and the number of participants who will be enrolled in the workshop(s). Based on this information she will design a custom-tailored workshop to meet the needs of your team(s) and send you a broad outline of the activities and learning outcomes which you can expect.

To Book:

Email: info@horsewisdomfarm.com

Phone: 250-208-4874