One and Two day group Sessions

Group sessions offer the opportunity for learning about yourself as you learn about others. Interacting with fellow participants, discussing various experiences in a structured, non-judgmental environment, and witnessing your own experiences with the horses - as well as those of others in your group - augments the learning process and accelerates the rate of change and growth. When attending one and two day sessions lunch will be provided by us as well as coffee tea and snacks provided in all workshops.

We also offer gift certificates which can be purchased over the phone or via email for any of our session models, group or private; give the gift of Horse Wisdom to a friend or loved one!

Every season, we offer a group workshop with a special focus! We offer a 15% discount on this workshop when booked on top of any of our other workshops. Please contact us directly before booking in order to receive your discount.

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+ Winter 2019: Wake Up to Winter - Two-Day Workshop

The days are short and the nights are long... we all need a little help finding the beauty of the winter season sometimes. This workshop uses a selection of FEEL® activities that are a little more on the physical side to get us moving and get our blood pumping. Horses teach us that there are aspects of each season to enjoy or endure. Learn from their happy acceptance of whatever weather might be coming their way while getting up and moving yourself!

But of course, we all need a little cozy time too. Enjoy curling up under a freshly warmed blanket with a hot beverage of your choice as we take indoor breaks and reflect on the teachings within the activities. Admire also the incredible ability of the horses to stay so much warmer than we do, as we honour the importance and hidden blessing of a little “cave time” intermingled with heart-warming horse activities.

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+ Positive Psychological Discovery

“Positive Psychology” refers to self improvement when no particular area of interest is seen as needing a “fix." Essentially, this is a rigorous practice of self improvement based on techniques studied and refined through decades of research. It is our philosophy that one always has room for self improvement. When we think we have reached our greatest potential it is often the horses that are most eloquent at gently suggesting and helping us with our next area of self discovery and achievement.

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+ A Mindful Way Through Depression

Perhaps contrary to what many would expect, living in a world with an incredible amount of choice and opportunity can pose great challenges. Humans evolved in a world with few choices, and depression was actually an adaptive way to lower energy and motivation to go outside the cave, keeping us warm and safe throughout the winter. Now however, when mild hibernation is not expected of us, depressed energy is accompanied by a wealth of emotions relating to lost interest in getting up and going. Most of these emotions are not very welcome in our daily experience of life.

Research now indicates that “Mindfulness” is the answer to climbing out of the depressive cave in which we find ourselves all too often. But what is Mindfulness, and how do we achieve it? Come and join us for an introduction to Mindfulness. Find out exactly what Mindfulness is, and how the horses can teach you to live mindfully day to day. Discover how they can help you get your best self back and enjoy life outside “the cave” once more.

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+ A Mindful Way Through Anxiety

Our society demands more of us than ever before. Although anxiety developed as an adaptive motivation technique in our complex world, it has gone beyond its helpful place. Anxiety? Helpful? Yes! Anxiety gets us out of bed and up doing the things we need to do! It absolutely has its place. However, too much anxiety can have the opposite effect, and can overwhelm us to the point that our optimal functioning is hampered.

Our facilitators will explain what mindfulness is and how to use it, but it is our horses that will facilitate this process and offer you opportunities to practice your newfound skills. The calm gentle way of the horses, coupled with their genuine understanding of anxiety as prey animals, helps humans to better understand and master anxiety in a mindful way. Horses have proven to be expert teachers of mindfulness and we provide the optimal teaching environment and tools to enable them to do this.

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+ Overcoming Post Traumatic Stress

In a world where we are often told that emotions are a sign of weakness, trauma can be a difficult issue to discuss, much less seek treatment for. The horses offer quiet, gentle comfort and a safe space to allow wounds to heal. From mild fender-benders to the greatest challenges we can imagine, we offer the opportunity to rework the neural networks maintaining the memories of trauma. This is accomplished by allowing the experience to be remembered without reliving the tough feelings associated with the incident every time it comes up in thought.

Imagine being able to tell the story of your trauma without your heart beating harder or faster, without fear, anger, or regret. The horses help you find the way to be able to remember the experience that is plaguing your thoughts in a peaceful, calm, healthy way. Your trauma need not be blocked out; rather your brain needs to learn the capability to have the memory surface without the reoccurrence of the uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating emotions associated with the trauma.

Please Note: We are happy to work with a mental health professional with whom you have an existing relationship. Alternatively, we can assign you to work in a team with the horses and our on-staff counselling psychologist if you feel this would benefit you. Finally, you can choose to work solely with the wisest members of our care team: the horses.

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+ Building Blocks for Successful Relationships

Whether it is your partner, parents, children, siblings, boss, employees, or that person who parks in your spot, everyone has relationships which present challenges at times. This focus will help you discover the tendencies and patterns in the way you relate to others. You will learn to question which patterns are helpful to you when, and which must be used only sparingly to reach the quality of relationships you want with those around you. Through the horses' ability to be both gentle and assertive, this workshop provides insight into your current relationships, enabling you to practice relating to others in a way that takes good care of everyone involved, most importantly YOU!

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+ Upcoming Seasonal Workshops

Spring 2019 - Spring has Sprung

Being a new parent can be exhausting, so we want to offer you a little rejuvenation time! What better time to honour new life and new parents than spring? We know you are busy, so we have kept this one short - just a half day from 9:30 - 12:30 with an option to stay for a 30-minute forest walk amongst the herd after the session.

Voice any bottled-up frustrations or fears to the horses and be amazed by their ability to listen and respond with the language available to them. Human babies and horses can both impress us with their ability to communicate non-verbally, and the horses are always eager to provide new parents with support and insight on this incredible journey we call parenthood! Witness the incredible gentleness with which our horses will say hello to your smallest if you are comfortable bringing them close - little ones are welcome, on-site child care is provided. Any wee ones capable of moving on their own we ask be left with our on-site sitter or at home. Otherwise, you could be stuck chasing your children around in circles as the irresistible urge to go pet the horses tends to overcome a small child’s sense of, well, anything!

Enjoy lunch made by us, and activities that focus on helping you relax and take care of yourself at a time when taking care of your little one is the norm.

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Summer 2019 - Pet Loss Bereavement

No matter how inevitable saying good-bye to our furry friends may be, it is never easy. This becomes even more challenging because there are few support mechanisms available to humans going through the loss of a “best friend." Here at Horse Wisdom Farm we understand how devastating the loss of a pet can be. We recognize that the opportunity to grieve and even tell favourite stories about pets lost can be an important part of your healing journey.

Horses have a deep understanding of grief. They mourn the loss of a herd member and honour their passing, yet they always find the strength to go on. We invite you to join us in honouring the loss of your pet with like-minded souls and to seek comfort from the connection and understanding the horses will offer you.

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Fall 2019 - Honouring Life Changes Workshop

Autumn represents a time of change and transformation. Although change can be a challenge, it can also be an opportunity to better understand yourself and how you fit into the world around you. This Life Changes Workshop honours the change of the seasons and the changes in our lives by seeking to find the positive insights and silver linings any life change may bring about.

If you are going through a life change that is frightening, exciting, or both, come celebrate and explore change and its lessons on the farm. Witness the Victoria Carriage Tours horses go through their own seasonal change and begin their holiday time with over thirty horses relaxing during the off season at once!

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