Restructure the neural anatomy of your brain and your body to enable you to navigate mindfully through life’s ups and downs. Discover your capacity to listen to yourself, to comfortably experience your emotions as messages and to take the right actions when faced with tough choices. Let the horses’ wisdom guide you to a more authentic and sure sense of self-love and learn from them about improving your relationship with yourself and with those around you.

Below is a video produced by the founders of the FEEL® process at Horse Spirit Connections in Ontario, Canada. This video presents the experience of an introductory private session.

“This mini-doc focuses on the heartwarming story of Carla, a woman seeking personal healing, and her connection with Thor, a wise and majestic horse. Enjoy watching this intimate experience, and witness how FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning)® has been beneficial for her personal growth.”

- Horse Spirit Connections

Many people ask us "Why horses?" In fact, this question is addressed in detail at the beginning of all sessions and workshops. Answering this question and understanding the reasons behind the answer are lessons in and of themselves. 

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